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Gluten free Spaghetti Garofalo

Gluten free Spaghetti Garofalo

Spaghetti Senza Glutine - Gr. 500
4.60 €
Gluten free Spaghetti Garofalo
Made from: Corn, quinoa, rice and other selected fibres.

We recommend that you do not rely completely on the cooking time on the pack, but check a few minutes before the time is up so it is cooked to your taste. This is the only gluten free line that is not formed through a bronze die, we felt for the long pasta it was not the route to take to give the best texture.

Can a producer of ‘normal pasta’, using a raw material containing the best gluten, produce an excellent gluten free pasta? The answer is in our philosophy and focus on the product: Good taste is a right.
We set our selves the objectives of creating a product with the knowledge that Garofalo pasta is synonymous with the experience of taste. We knew that the flavour could not be the same due to the different raw materials, but it was of great importance to us to produce a Garofalo pasta that was no better or worse in flavour, just different. It was not to be just for those on a gluten free diet but a new cooking opportunity for everyone. It was equally important to produce a healthy product, which in the end might even be better than normal pasta ;-).
We have worked extensively on this line, which is not produced in our factory because of the risk of contamination with our pasta containing wheat, and remain in control at all levels from the raw materials to the production methods. The results are a product that is extremely good, especially when compared to the gluten free products currently on the market, but we are confident we can improve it even more. The phrase “it’s good considering it’s gluten-free” is not enough, we believe the pasta can reach the levels of pasta made with durum wheat semolina. To reach the level we have to work with those who have experience of eating and producing it.
Laboratory tests are not good enough to tell us what is good; we need to enrich our knowledge, to make the improvement, from people with experience “in the field”.
For this reason we have created a space for discussion about the gluten free pasta, just pasta, where we ask those who wish to make their own personal contribution; recipes, suggestions, criticisms or compliments, if they feel the pasta deserves them. We do not ask for compliments of adoration but for constructive feedback to help us figure out what were are doing right and what can be improved, subject to the limits of our technology and production capabilities.
We have always believed that to be able to make a product, you must know how to eat it with experience , we do this for the semolina pasta, but for the gluten-free we must learn more and we would like to do it with your help.
In the experimental stage we asked for this help from six food bloggers, who we have a good relationship with, three of them had a gluten intolerant and three did not. We ask them for recipes that were “right” for the flavour of the pasta and advice about the quality. We are now opening up the space for discussion and debate on the gluten free pasta and ask you to join us with your evaluation, feedback, tips and recipes from your experiences.

Good taste is a right; do not settle for second best : 1

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Spaghetti Senza Glutine - Gr. 500
4.60 €
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Spaghetti Senza Glutine - Gr. 500
3.80 €


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