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Valtellina: The Casera cheese
Italia Slow Tour in Valtellina: we visit a Cooperative Dairy in Delebio, producing the local cheese Casera, a PDO product that represents the historical gastronomic tradition of the Valtellina. The cheese is made from the milk taken from the cows when they return to the barn, let’s see all the stages of its production till the cheese get mature.

- 31/05/2016 -

SALUMIFICIO Sfreddo TRIESTE, HAM WITH BONE :  In Trieste we produce cooked and smoked hams and others specialties from 1968
It 's the " Prague Ham " known for excellence in the city of Trieste which comes from Central European culinary tradition. It is obtained by processing heavy foreign thighs carefully selected. This Prague with bone is delicately flavored and lightly smoked with beech wood that gives it a nice and unmistakable flavor. The product must be sliced by hand into the vice.

- 19/05/2016 -

Tenute del Garda: The vineyards where we cultivate our passion
Very high quality and unquestionably fine wines are produced from the vineyards of the pleasant Valtenesi. On this fertile and sunny land, hit by the wind and wet by the rains at the right point, so to have a perfect and delicate climatic balance which make it unique in the world, have been harvesting delicious grape from time immemorial, here the doc Garda Classic wines, like the well known Groppello which is a researched local red-berry vine variety , have their origins.

- 09/05/2016 -

Azienda Agricola Agriè: Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil We use only the local finest olives varieties as the Cellina di Nardò( used in pastry making too) the Ogliarola Salentina, the Leccina and the Coratina, these are selected to create blending harmonies or mono variety extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic properties. Thanks to the innovations of the harvest, pressing and milling methods it has been possible to reduce the processing times and so the organoleptic and nutritional properties have been maintained intact. Our extra virgin olive oil reaches your tables charged with the tastes and fragrances of our native land, and it is the result of the love for our territory and the passion for the mediterranean diet.

- 06/05/2016 -

Salumificio Sfreddo: since 1968 in Trieste
The Salumificio Sfreddo from Trieste, since its foundation, has had as its main objective the reaching of the Total Quality. In 1999 the company has obtained the DNV certification for the quality system ISO 9001\2008. The company is particularly careful to food intolerances. Besides the traditional "Cotti all'Italiana" line, Salumificio Sfreddo offers a series of "marked spike" products guaranteed by the AIC ( Italian Celiacs Association), and certified as a STP product as a smoked specialty without any allergen as the monosodium glutamate, caseinatum, lactose and milk derivatives. This approach answers both the requests of the national and the international market, particularly interested in a wise gamma of food products which can satisfy the most different and demanding tastes.

- 03/05/2016 -

Bicolombini: Biologic certified agriculture
The Agricultural Company Colombini was born at the beginning of the 20th century jn Crespina (Province of Pisa). The two world wars, the agricultural exodus, the industrialization, the passage from the traditional agriculture to the chemical one: those are the passages that have marked this company until 1998, the yer in which the company converted to biologic agriculture. Nowadays the company works within 18 hectares of land, 15 go these grow vegetables, 1 fruit and 2 olives, all of them are rigorously bio-certified. During the years of the biologic conversion, with the help of the social services, public authority and other local companies, several orto-terapeutic projects and of work integration of people socially disadvantaged have been started.

- 02/05/2016 -

Suurin ITALIALAINEN ruokakauppa, jossa tuotteet ovat laadukkaita ja hinnat reiluja.

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