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It is finally possible to pair YOUR perfect wine to the Italian courses, all in 5 CLICKS. It will be a practical help to know better wine, food and your favourite tastes.

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We've studied a unique experience, you will have the possibility to choose wine type, region, alcoholic percentage, price, characteristics and combinations, through this selection our virtual somellier will be able to guide and suggest you the most siutable wine for your needs and tastes. Finally it is possible to identify your ideal wine upon the combination with italian dishes and your preferences. Try our new system, you will certainly like it and... you will always know which is the right wine to taste!

Lenza Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA ROSE’ DZ CUVEE 73 - 0,75 cl. - Pallet 12 Bottles
41.67 €500.00 €
FRANCIACORTA Brut docg ROSÉ - Solive - Pallet 120 Bottles
21.33 €2,560.00 €
Il Mosnel Franciacorta
FRANCIACORTA DOCG Extra Brut Millesimato 'EBB' IL MOSNEL 2011 - Pallet 66 Bottles
36.52 €2,410.00 €
Franciacorta Saten - CORTE AURA - N. 12 Bottles
26.58 €319.00 €
Vini La Valle
La Valle “Rosé” - Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G.-Pallet 120 bottiglie
20.83 €2,500.00 €
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Red Tuna: Fillet, Tarantello and Ventresca are available now

Red Tuna: Fillet, Tarantello and Ventresca are available now
The red tuna is the best one. The most refined due to the quality of its meats fished in the open Mediterranean Sea. The red tuna meats can be divided in three categories: the fillet, the tarantello and the ventresca. The fillet is the thin part, the ventresca (belly) is the most precious part especially in the big examples. It has a fat content higher than the average that makes it particularly tender and tasty. The tarantello is located at mid way between the back and the belly: it is softer than the fillet without reaching the fatter consistency of th ventresca, whose doesn't loose the taste yet.

ARTICOLO- 09/04/2018 - http://www.italialaisiatuotteita.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Orto Mio: High quality Vegetable Garden plants

Orto Mio: High quality Vegetable Garden plants
All the plants branded by Ortomio are cultivated in different areas of the Emilia Romagna. The company own 25 Ha of ground dedicated to the cultivation with greenhouses of latest generation from hills to lands located near the sea. It is a big advantage cultivating plants in different places according to their climatic needs. All the operations of seeding, transplantation and cultivation are managed by expert and skilled workers with the aim of producing healthy and resistant plants. This is made to allow everybody cultivating easily genuine and tasty vegetables as only the vegetable garden can give.

ARTICOLO- 07/04/2018 - http://www.italialaisiatuotteita.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

Lugana Cà dei Frati: It is a young and fresh wine that always surprises.

Lugana Cà dei Frati: It is a young and fresh wine that always surprises.
The Lugana DOC is a still white wine, deriving only from Trebbiano vine variety cultivated and picked up in the Lugana area, bordering with Lake of Garda. The juice of the grapes pressed with all of their skin is vinified white, that is to say filtered and made ferment in steel barrels: the yeasts naturally present in the grapes and the saccharomyces added transform the wine sugar giving it perfumes and tastes that the gapes didn't know. It is clear, precise, with delicate aromas of yeasts, white flowers, apricot and almond. It can be paired with cold or warm appetizers, as long as light and with a little seasoning, first dishes as soups (served hot), siders like vegetables cooked in the oven or stuffed and of course with lake fishes.

ARTICOLO- 19/03/2018 - http://www.italialaisiatuotteita.com/ ( Network O.I.P. )

 World Trade Center

In collaboration with the WTC of Trieste

In collaboration with the WTC of Trieste, a company part of the World Trade Centers Association Network with headquarters in New York, which manages the services and activities branded “WORLD TRADE CENTER TRIESTE”, and is willing to promote the international trade through the Network, particularly the one referred to the agri-food and viticultural sectors,. OIP has created the platform B2B WTC FOOD EMPORIUM.
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