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Salame Bresciano - Az. Agricola Pontoglio

Salame Bresciano - Az. Agricola Pontoglio

The company " Az. Agricola Pontoglio" is specialized in the production of typical sausages from area around Brescia. The products are made ​​by hand without the addition of gluten, flour or milk.

Meat: leg and shoulder
Fat: bacon and neck

Pig meat and fat, salt, wine, natural spices, garlic juice and potassium nitrite.

Pig intestine or beef

The "King product" of the company " Az. Agricola Pontoglio". Salami with a delicate and gentle taste with a double chopped sausage filling: First, coarse dicing by knife. Then the mixture of shoulder and porc bacon is ground with a meat grinder.
"Value added aging in the cellar, where they form the noble rot"

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